Quiz: Joe Biden’s Goofiest Moments

Joe Biden thumbs up

Answer key:

1) C — He stuttered as a kid.
2) B — Biden is a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania
3) A — Celtic
4) B — “This is a big fucking deal.”
5) C — He claims to have never been drunk.
6) A — An aneurysm.
7) D — The gun quote isn’t Biden’s.
8) C — He’s the first Roman Catholic VP.
9) A — He said, “I know who runs the show.” And no, she’s not sitting on his lap.
10) D — Uncle Joe was the sixth youngest U.S. Senator ever elected. The youngest was 28-year-old John Henry Eaton.
11) B — Malarky.
12) C — President Obama said he wasn’t angry with Biden for announcing support for gay marriage before him, but that his VP had gotten”a little bit over his skis” for doing so ahead of the boss.