Skateboarding Or Bartending: Which Is Better For Your Bucket List?

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Making a bucket list is a great way of putting down all the experiences you want to achieve in your lifetime. Many people choose to make bucket lists with a focus on living life with aspirations and hopes. It also helps us set goals, big and small.

Bucket lists tend to range from being specific or filled with big-picture life goals. For instance, you can list a hobby you wish to pursue, such as traveling, or goals such as having children or graduating college. In some cases, it can be smaller things like learning a new skill.  

Even though bucket lists tend to be a recognition of mortality, you can motivate yourself to accomplish specific things within a particular timeline. The beauty of bucket lists is that they aren’t fixed and can change once your life and aspirations change. More goals could find themselves on your list as you learn more about the world around you.  

Having a list of everything you hope to achieve gives you a reason to look forward to working on something. You also get a sense of accomplishment that comes with memories to look back on. Once things become overwhelming, you’ll have your bucket list to guide you toward reaching specific targets. 

You can, for instance, list these two on your bucket list: skateboarding and bartending. It could mean, however, attending bartending school or sustaining scratches here and there as you learn how to skateboard. So, if you’re confused about which is better, below are some discussion points. 


Skateboarding was invented as an alternative to surfing when the waves were too strong or weak. It became a culture in 1958 when Southern Californians wanted to try ‘surfing’ on land. It has become one of the most popular hobbies embodying sport, art, culture, and lifestyle. 

Skateboarding is a fun and great way to get from point A to B, and it also has much more to offer health-wise. Below are other reasons that skateboarding is great for you. 

  1. Offers Relief From Stress

When riding your skateboard, endorphins are stimulated in your brain, leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety. While falling over and hurting can be upsetting, the idea of getting back up and trying gives you a good feeling, especially if you’re the adventurous type. 

Learning how to skateboard requires focus and dedication. This is especially true when trying to learn how to ollie on skateboard. You’ll need to set aside your limitations and fears to get it right. 

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  1. Improves Coordination

Learning to skateboard requires a lot of coordination among your legs, arms, feet, and eyes. Even though you’ve been using coordination all through your life, you still have a chance to enhance it by taking up skateboarding. 

Improved coordination is instrumental in boosting decision-making skills in other aspects of life. For instance, you can increase your ability to do different things, including driving or even multi-tasking.   

Coordination and precision in skateboarding are improved as you must keep trying when nailing a trick or even performing moves. You’ll need to change your timing, adjust your speed, or even try landing differently. 

So, until you have everything precisely right, you’ll keep trying, boosting your coordination. The improved coordination and new skills make skateboarding good for your bucket list. 

  1. Boosts Your Metabolism

Skateboarding has proven to be a great form of cardio; depending on its intensity, you may boost your metabolism. With better metabolism, you can burn more calories faster.

As not everyone is blessed with a high metabolism, finding ways to boost it will also help to boost energy levels, making you feel better. Once you incorporate skateboarding into your daily schedule, you’ll start burning calories and sweat out all the fat cells. 

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  1. Helps Build Resilience

Just like any sport, skateboarding has some dangers that can be minimized. At first, you might have to face fears of hurting yourself, which go away after some time. As skateboarding normally involves falling over, improvement requires getting up and trying again. As a result, skateboarding requires a lot of time, which boosts endurance. Most people who tend to master skateboarding are determined to get it right. 

So, by adding skateboarding to your bucket list, you’ll learn how to recover from falls, identify risks, and navigate new tricks. This way, you’ll be building resilience.

  1. Enhances Patience 

Patience is an important skill. Harnessing it is vital. When skateboarding, you’ll need to learn how to be patient from the moment you begin to try perfecting a trick.

Having to attempt all the different tricks every time will be a way of training the mind to realize the benefit of patience and persistence. In the end, practicing patience might help you focus on all the tricks. 

  1. Improves Balance

Once you get on a skateboard, you’ll feel aware of all the elements needed to keep you balanced. Muscle memory kicks in for skateboarding to become part of what you do.

Over time, you’ll know how and where to balance your weight to avoid falling and hurting. As a result, the more you perfect your skills, the more you improve your balance. 


Bartending is another great item for your bucket list as it offers a new and exciting way to interact with different people. It began as a modern profession in the 19th century, but even the ancient times had bars that were tended by the owner or some trusted fellow. After doing your research and undergoing bartending training, you can serve drinks at different places, including a club, bar, restaurant, hotel, or at a special event. 

The usual beverages that you might have to serve are typically alcoholic. In addition, you might have to make drinks according to customer specifications, all while complying with local food and beverage handling requirements. Below are all the reasons that bartending is great for your bucket list.

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  1. Exercise And Work At The Same Time

Being a bartender requires you to move a lot, especially when you work in a large establishment. It means taking orders while still standing and walking behind the bar. All the fancy movements entailed in bartending, like flipping and spinning bottles, require some degree of agility which one attains through exercise and practice.  

As a result, being on your feet for extended periods will mean getting your daily exercise. So, in a way, you’ll be getting paid while still staying active. 

  1. Additional Career Options

Bartending as a bucket list item gives you additional career options that might pay off in the long run. As a bartender, you can easily own your bar and empower more people. Alternatively, you might become a bar manager. 

Bartending also equips you with skills, including teamwork, communication, calmness, and numeracy. All these skills can be used in other fields you might want to venture into. 

  1. Bartending Is Fun

Bartending has a social aspect to it because of all the people you get to meet and interact with. You’ll get a chance to meet people from all walks of life who can exchange life stories with you. You might also be able to ease the pain of other people by creating a comfortable experience and environment or perhaps offer a few helpful words or even just an ear. 

  1. Creative freedom

If you enjoy being creative, bartending might be the right bucket list item for you. Bartending means you get to make drinks or create new ones. Creating something that everyone eventually loves can make a great feeling. 

Most guests who enjoy cocktails will look in awe at the beauty of your creation. You can get the creative freedom of choosing the color of your cocktail, the glassware, and garnish that’s perfect for your new drink.  

  1. Enhances Your Income Stream

Apart from being a popular bucket list item, bartending can also get you paid. Most bartending jobs guarantee a wage every other week. The more effort you put into serving your guests, the more tips you enjoy. Depending on the establishment you work for, you should expect more tips and wages for your service. 

Bottom Line

So, regarding which bucket list is better for you, both skateboarding and bartending have great potential. Before choosing one that fits you, you must keep all the benefits in mind. 

Do your research and consider what you enjoy more before settling on an option. For instance, if sports excite you, skateboarding will be the better option as it includes being active and sweating it out. 

However, if you’re a creative person, bartending might be more fitting. Bartending doesn’t merely entail learning skills but also understanding ways of mixing different ingredients and producing the perfect cocktail

Bucket lists are a great way of setting goals you hope to reach by a certain time. For a bucket list to be complete, it has to have items you enjoy and offers different benefits. So, when it comes to choosing between skateboarding or bartending, you can easily choose based on your likes. You can even do both if you have both the energy and creativity necessary. Take time to make a choice after doing extensive research.