The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants
In The World

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World

The Haunted House Restaurant | Oklahoma City
The restaurant got its name because of a — dun dun dun — muuuuurder … and a death … and a suicide. In 1963, a retired car dealer was shot in the back of his head with a .22-caliber rifle while in his home. Later that year the guy’s ex-wife died in the same house. Then the dead dude’s stepdaughter, after a jury found her innocent of his murder, snapped and allegedly committed suicide shortly after she learned the verdict. With the property vacant, someone had the brilliant idea of turning Death Manor into a restaurant. And it’s been a success. It even got some publicity in 2008 after a group of Peter Venkmens studied the restaurant with their ghost buster’s gear and reportedly recorded three instances of someone or something whispering. One of the words that was allegedly captured was “bad.” If we were the owners, we’d tell people it was “bon appetit.”