The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants
In The World

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World

Cave Restaurant and Resort | Richland, Missouri
The Cave Restaurant is 40 feet above ground and nestled in a cove that overlooks the Gasconade River. The cave can seat up to 225 people and features waterfalls, ponds, and live piano on Friday and Saturday nights for you to enjoy while dining on everything from deep-fried alligator tail to 21-day hand-cut cooked-to-order steak. There’s an elevator that takes care of the three-story climb, so leave your rock shoes and canteen in the car. In the 1930s the restaurant served as a hangout for Al Capone when it was known as the Speak Easy, so if you’re lucky you’ll sit in the same seat Capone ordered a hit on some poor jamoke.