The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants
In The World

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World

Dinner In The Sky | Las Vegas
Enjoy a panoramic view of Las Vegas as you’re hoisted 160-180 feet above hoards of gamblers losing their life savings at the roulette wheel. When you dine in the sky, a team of chefs prepares food for up to 22 people for roughly $75 – $226 per person, depending on when you book the table. (The later you eat, the more it’s going to cost.) If you’re under 10 years of age or weigh 300 pounds or more, no soup for you!  Sorry, house rules. Another rule you should know: One alcoholic drink per customer. And since you’re thinking it, we’ll address it — no, you’re not forced to hose down the sidewalk if you need to pee. It takes less than a minutes to lower the table.