The Best Shampoos For Men With Thinning Hair

The Best Shampoos For Guys With Thinning Hair Rene FurtererRené Furterer FORTICEA Stimulating Shampoo ($29 @

Scalp analysis, anyone? Just pop into a René Furterer salon for a consultation and experts will bust out their all-powerful Capilliscope tool, which measures sensitivity of scalp and healthiness of hair. It’s not painful, we swear.

And pinpointing the exact problem — weakened roots, for example — can lead to a more effective treatment plan. If you’re losing hair at an alarming rate, René Furterer experts will recommend the Stimulating Shampoo, their best shampoo for men with thinning hair.

“Nourishing ingredients and an advanced blend of botanicals make this shampoo the perfect aid in hair restoration and strength,” says Dr. Schlessinger. “It encourages healthy circulation, allowing hair to become resilient and strong.” It’s all in the microbeads. They increase microcirculation, which instigates the growth of stronger, thicker hair.