7 Vacuum Cleaners For Guys Who Live Indoors


Little Spike may get you attention at the dog park, but when he sheds you’re going to need a vac that collects all of his hair without clogging up every time you run it.

vacuum cleaner for guys with pets hoover#6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright ($130 @ Amazon.com)

The fold-down handle is great for storage and the 27-foot cord means you can make your rounds without ripping the plug out of the socket a zillion times during your vac session. There are adjustable settings to accommodate the environment — carpet to floor to vinyl — and an indicator light that alerts you when to check or wash the rinsable HEPA and Carbon filters. The eight-foot stretch hose and numerous attachments are geared to sucking up pet hair, which means less of it will end up on your clothes when you muster up the strength to — gulp — go out in public. **Shudder**

bissell poweredge pet vacuum cleaner for guys with pets#7. Bissell PowerEdge ($50 @ Amazon.com)

Its V shape and swivel head was engineered to capture dog, cat, and grizzly bear hair, cat litter, and debris, as well as angel around furniture legs. It’s bagless, comes with a 20-foot power cord, and has a rubber layer that keeps hardwood safe during use. It’s also a reminder of this scene from The Mighty Ducks: