The Fizzics Beer System Is A Must-Own Gadget For Beer Swillers

Fizzics Revolutionary Beer SystemThe Fizzics Beer System ($150 @ is a battery-operated, lightweight device that turns any store-bought beer into a brew with a delicious taste from a tap. You know what that means — your Natty Lights will go down even smoother!

Just pop in four AA batteries, stick your beer in the chamber, insert a tube into the beer, and pull the lever — shortly after your beer starts flowing into your mug, just like at the bar. In short, the brew gets infused with a boost of carbonation to create small microbubbles as it’s poured; this produces a creamy texture that boosts the taste and aroma of the beer without the use of additives or chemicals.

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The chamber supports cans, bottles, and growlers up to 64 ounces. Of course, it comes with a manual but after we started using the Fizzics we just kept on pouring drafts and eventually used the manual as a coaster because we’re responsible adults.

Another perk: it’s portable. So whether you’re going camping, to a tailgate party, or to a toga party — do they still have those? — you can just pack it up and lug it with you. No CO2 CO2 cartridges or refills needed.

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