The Worst 3D Movies Ever

JAWS 3-D (1983)
The movie Jaws is awesome. It changed moviemaking forever, and it was arguably the first summer blockbuster. Jaws 2, on the other hand, was basically a much less-awesome version of Jaws. So how did studio execs decide to approach the third installment? By switching the action to a waterpark and using terrible 3D whenever the shark was on screen.The result was a movie that was even worse than … the fourth installment, Jaws: The Revenge.

THOR 3D (2011)
What’s the difference between Thor in 2D and Thor in 3D? Give up? Three bucks. That’s not a punchline — a higher ticket price really is pretty much the only difference between the two movies. Thor was retrofitted for 3D to try and cash in on the craze, but audience members could watch the “3D” version without 3D glasses because the 3D was so nonexistent.