Survey: Condoms Aren’t So Bad

Condoms -- not so horrible after all

Everyone hates to use condoms, right? Well, not according to a survey of thousands of Americans, who answered questions about their use of condoms and lube. Not surprisingly, respondents overwhelmingly said that sex was pretty awesome. More surprisingly, however, neither men nor women said condoms had any affect on their enjoyment of sex. The study’s findings, which appear in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, also reveals that dudes reported no problem sporting boners while wearing condoms (even funny condoms — yes, they exist).

What does this mean? It might just mean that people like sex so much that condoms can’t even put a dent in their enjoyment. That said, taking time to put a condom or use lube can be like hitting the pause button. Here’s how to avoid that …

Fumbling with a condom can take the blood wind right out of your penis sails, so if you’re rusty, practice a few times when you’re alone. And if you really need step-by-step directions, they’re provided with the box.

If you’re worried about the loss of sensation when you wear a condom, wear them whenever you’re taking care of yourself; that way, you won’t feel as desensitized when you’re with an actual woman.

If the condom hurts when you put it on, it may be time to upgrade to the XL (or put your penis on a strict diet). Similarly, if the condom feels like a crotch mumu, you may need a smaller size. Failing to get the right size can do more than cause discomfort; it can also up the odds of the condom breaking or slipping off.

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Believe it or not, condoms may not be the ideal medium for personal expression. But the topic was an excuse for us to look for weird condoms.

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