Unusual Hangover Cures People Actually Use

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Those of you who have suffered a hangover know that while you’re living that misery you’d do just about anything to get rid of it. And most of us have tried just about anything we can think of— downed bottles of ibuprofen, guzzled gallons of water, bought into the whole “hair of the dog,” eaten a greasy breakfast, etc. Nothing works, and we’re not convinced anything will. However, in an effort to find out what other weird things people do to avoid hangovers and potentially steal their ideas, we dug around. One thing we know, we will certainly NOT be trying these …

15 Strange Hangover Cures

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Urine Therapy

Why waste urine by putting it in a toilet? This ancient method has been touted as a cure-all that eliminates everything from gray hair to cancer. So why not a hangover? In ancient Vedic texts, urine therapy is referred to as “Shivambu,” or “Water of Shiva.” It was considered a holy drink more nutritious than milk. Followers of the Vedic religion also regularly sacrificed lambs or goats to impress their gods, to there’s that …

Anyway, regarding the Western adaptation of urine therapy, John W. Armstrong wrote an entire book in 1945 that said, “[urine] powerfully absorbs acids and destroys the very root of most diseases in human bodies.” The benefits of hangover urine, however, probably aren’t that great- you’d just be returning the same toxins you flushed out right back in. If push comes to shove, borrow from a sober friend if you’re into that sort of thing.