What Her Underwear Style Says About Her Style In Bed

women's underwear style g stringG-string

I know you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t a g-string just a thong?” But that’d be like me asking if your tighty whities are the same thing as a jock strap. Whereas a thong is made of actual fabric, a g-string is a couple of inches of cloth held up by what amounts to dental floss. So when a girl wears a g-string, she’s not exactly sending the message that she only does it in the dark.

“A woman who wears a g-string is secure in who she is, and she’s more uninhibited,” Baumgartner says. A woman on a g-string thrives on being on display, so she’ll be into positions like cowgirl and doggie style. And make sure you compliment her ass, too. After all, she’s not enduring a self-inflicted wedgie for you to stare meaningfully into her eyes.

Pictured: Micro G-string Underwear One Size ($12 @ Amazon.com)