What Her Underwear Style Says About Her Style In Bed

retro women's pantiesRetro Underwear

First of all, retro isn’t some euphemism for granny panties. Yeah, it’s high-waisted and pretty much covers all of her ass, but don’t underestimate it’s boner-inducing powers. (If the woman to the left sauntered into your bedroom, would you really be bummed out?)

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According to Baumgartner, this style of underwear is designed to exaggerate the female figure, so when a woman wears this she wants you to be mesmerized by her curves. “She’s the type of woman who feels powerful in her femininity — but she still wants you to make the first move.” Translation: She may want to start out in missionary, but there’s no telling where she’ll want to end up.

Pictured: Wacoal Women’s Retro Chic High-Cut Brief Panty ($35 @ Amazon.com)