Who is Tim Ferriss’s Girlfriend?

Tim Ferriss is a well-known author, entrepreneur, and podcast host. He’s written several best-selling books and has been featured on numerous talk shows and podcasts. As one of the most successful people in the world, it’s likely that many people are wondering who he is dating. So who is Tim Ferriss’s girlfriend? Let’s take a closer look at his relationship status.

Tim Ferriss’s Relationship Status

Though there has been speculation about who Tim Ferriss may be dating in recent years, there isn’t much evidence to suggest that he has a serious partner at this time. In fact, the last known relationship that he was in was with Pouya Shahbazian, the former president of New Regency Pictures. The two were together from 2013 to 2018 before splitting up for unknown reasons.

In terms of his current relationship status, it seems like he is single and focusing on his work projects instead of dating at this time. However, since he keeps his private life under wraps, it’s possible that he could be seeing someone without anyone knowing about it.

Ferriss’s Dating History

Although there isn’t much information available about Ferriss’s current love life, we do know more about his past relationships. Prior to Shahbazian, he dated Natalie Sisson—a business consultant and author—from 2009 to 2012.

Before Sisson, Ferriss had a long-term relationship with Kate Adams—a photographer—from 2004 to 2008. During their four year long relationship they traveled extensively together as part of Ferriss’s “4-Hour Workweek Experiment.”

Since then though it doesn’t appear as if he has been in any serious relationships since Adams or Sisson.

It looks like Tim Ferriss is currently single but has had two major relationships over the past decade or so with Pouya Shahbazian and Natalie Sisson respectively. Though little else is known about these relationships or why they ended, it appears as though Ferriss may have decided to focus on his career instead of pursuing another serious romance at this time in his life..Whatever the case may be, we wish him all the best!