Who’s the Best Superman Ever?


Ever since Christopher Reeve took up the tights, each decade has had its own Superman. Unfortunately, the 2000s already belonged to someone else (Smallville’s Tom Welling), leaving Brandon Routh outside the window looking in … while hovering outside of it creepily … and … oh for fuck’s sake, is Superman crying?!

Routh did a better job with the character than anyone gives him credit for, but the movie’s emo script doomed him from the opening credits. Still, he’s from Iowa, he filled out the suit admirably, and he boasts the Supermanliest hair of all. His awkwardness made him a believable alien, and during what little action there was, he was plenty heroic. It’s not his fault he was cast 10 years too early.

Suit/Physique: 8
All-American/Alien Dichotomy: 5
Mild-Mannered (Clark): 3
Heroic (Supes): 7
Hair: 10