Who’s the Best Superman Ever?

Welling IS Superman to millennnials the way Christopher Reeve is to Gen X’ers — despite having never actually worn the costume. Otherwise, he had the look, the heroics and the Clark Kent mythology nailed, in large part because he was given more than 200 episodes in which to do it.

But Welling’s Kal-El is most lauded for not making the character all Dashboard Confessional at a time when the big-screen version was portrayed as a mewling, obsessive stalker. (Man, we’re really dwelling here.) No on-screen portrayal of Superman did as much to explore his Kryptonian heritage, which Welling did with all of the alien awkwardness of a heartland high schooler.

Suit/Physique: 7
All-American/Alien Dichotomy: 10
Mild-Mannered (Clark): 7
Heroic (Supes): 8
Hair: 7