Why The NHL Will Kick The NBA’s Ass This Season

Cinderella Stories Are Possible
In last year’s NBA Finals, the Lakers once again took on the Celtizzzzzzzzz … oh! Sorry. We were up late re-watching last year’s NHL Eastern Conference Finals, where the No. 8 seed Montreal Canadiens battled tooth and nail with the No. 7 seed Philadelphia Flyers in one of the most improbable showdowns in league history. The mighty Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby? Bounced by Montreal. Alex Ovechkin and the No. 1-seeded Washington Capitals? Also gone. Hell, the Flyers were down to their fourth-string goalie at that point, a guy even lifelong Flyers fans knew only as “Who?” But grit, hard work, and clutch play sent the Flyers to the finals.