Why The NHL Will Kick The NBA’s Ass This Season

Free Agency Isn’t Annoying
The biggest signing soap opera this past NHL off-season starred Russian sniper Ilya Kovalchuk — but his ordeal wasn’t even close to the colossal fan “F-you” that was the Lebron James saga. Why? Well, unless you’re the type of hardcore fan who reads hockey blogs religiously, you likely never heard a word about Ilya’s proposed 17-year, $106 million contract that was rejected by the league. That’s right, he didn’t hijack an hour on ESPN, hire a bunch of doe-eyed kids to sit around him like he was a deity, and spend 58 minutes explaining how awesome he is (without once thanking his hometown fans) before announcing he was going to skip town. Speaking of which, Kovalchuk was actually trying to stay with his team. He wasn’t shopping around for the brightest spotlight or the most happening city. He wanted to stay on the less-than-glamorous New Jersey Devils because he felt they could be a contender.