6 Hangover Cures Guys Should Know

Hangovers as entertaining as they are in The Hangover trilogy. Battle them with these 6 scientifically proven techniques.

By Jon Luman

6 Hangover Cures Guys Should Know | ModernMan.comSadly, hangovers are far less entertaining in real life, which is why hangover cures are so important. While lots of people have nutty ideas for what “cures” a hangover — inhaling a combination of pure oxygen and nitrogen, or drinking tea made from rabbit dung (seriously) — there’s actual science that backs up several potential remedies. We trust science a lot more than crazy drunks, which is why we think these are 6 hangover cures you should know.

Forget that hair-of-the-dog nonsense. Drinking more alcohol in the morning doesn’t block the effects of a hangover — it postpones them. So put down the wounded soldier and rehydrate with water. And then drink more water. Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade contain electrolytes — basically, minerals that keep the body running properly — but they also contain a lot of sugar. After 18 rum and Cokes, that’s the last thing your body needs.

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