8 Cool Wallets For Guys

Is your wallet falling apart and overflowing with receipts? Then give yourself a fresh start with one of these streamlined wallets.

By Justin Krajeski and Camille Lamb

cool wallets for guys

As we’ve told you before, when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories, women notice details. And your wallet definitely falls under the category of “detail.” That’s just one reason why you’re not doing yourself any favors if you have a ratty wallet stuffed with old receipts, business cards, and a condom you found on the floor when you were 13 years old. Plus, sitting on gigantic wallets is bad for your back and makes it look like you have a load in your pants.

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Instead, you should be carrying a streamlined wallet — cash, license, health-insurance card, credit cards — that stands apart without being obnoxious. Like, for instance, one of these six.

Cool Wallets for Guys walletkingdomWallet Kingdom Leather Bifold ($39)
Wallet Kingdom has been manufacturing badass men’s wallets since it first released the “Bad Mother Fucker” wallet, created with help from a tattoo artist and trademarked soon after. And good thing, too: we’re not interested in a knock-off. Wallet Kingdom’s Leather Bifold wallet, in particular, is simultaneously sleek and spacious and allows for maximum usability while focusing attention on its top-grain, vegetable-tanned, pull-up leather. Wallet Kingdom also boasts some sweet card wallets and card sleeves.


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