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7 Easy Tips To Fix Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common thing for guys to experience during the summer heat. Unfortunately, so is not knowing the right products that can correct it.

By Camille Lamb

grooming products for guys with dry skin

Dry skin and chapped lips can be itchy, painful, and a huge eyesore to women. And while the frigid winter and dry summer heat are common times for guys to experience xeroderma — what eggheads call dry skin — the condition can do more than hinder a dude’s chances at getting laid. Healthy skin serves as a defense against infections, so if your derma is taut and dried out, germs and bacteria will have an easier time invading your body.

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Luckily, a few product purchases can help you and your skin fight back against the elements. Whether you’re looking for protection or a little hydration from frigid winds or the sun’s blistering UV rays, or you simply look haggard after one too many cocktails at one too many ugly-sweater holiday parties, it’s not that difficult to shed flaky, dry, saggy skin when you arm yourself with the right tools.

#1. easy tips to fix dry skin for men ahava lotionAhava Men Protective Moisturizing Fluid SPF 15 ($30 @ Amazon.com)
Razor burn and ingrown hairs are an unpleasant side effect to shaving. But they don’t have to be. This non-greasy, post-shave conditioner from Ahava is a non-scented, antibacterial moisturizer that contains ginko, ginseng root extract, and minerals derived from the Dead Sea to create a quick-absorbing formula that balances the skin’s pH levels and heals minor cuts. It also contains SPF 15, which can help protect your skin from sun damage.