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11 Memorable Movie Deaths Explained

What exactly happens to the human body during some of the most memorable movie deaths ever? We asked someone with an actual medical degree to tell us.


RIP Mickey Rooney

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney — best known for MGM’s Andy Hardy films in the 1930s and 40s — has died at the age of ninety-three.


RIP Harold Ramis

Actor, director, and writer Harold Ramis — best known for Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day — has died at the age of sixty-nine.


RIP Harold Camping

Hey, you remember that Harold Camping dude? You know, the evangelical preacher who kept riling people up about doomsday? Anyway, he’s dead.


RIP Billy Jack

Tom Laughlin, who played the role of peacenik/badass hybrid Billy Jack has died at the age of 82 from complications of pneumonia.