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Derek Jeter thumb

Derek Jeter’s Hottest Girlfriends

Mr. November is retiring. To bid a proper farewell to the Yankees legend, we’ve decided to remember his best plays, er, hottest girlfriends.


Meet Marloes Horst

Model Marloes Horst was born in the Netherlands, so we can’t blame her for having such a strange name. Also, she’s rather photogenic.


Meet Vlada Roslyakova

Russian model Vlada Roslyakova is hotter than a 10,000-ton meteorite hurtling toward Chelyabinsk. (But she’s far quieter and shatters fewer windows.)


Meet Karlie Kloss

We’d like to introduce you to model Karlie Kloss. If you already know her work — luck you! — use these photos to remind yourself how hot she is.


Meet Caroline Winberg

Caroline Winberg is a Swedish model, but she has never been on the Swedish bikini team. Weird! Still, she looks awfully good in this photo gallery.


Meet Bridget Hall

This photo gallery of model Bridget Hall will make you sentimental for an earlier, less-complicated time. You know, 1995-ish to about 2005.

Bianca Balti photo gallery

Meet Bianca Balti

A photo gallery of model Bianca Balti? What a “molto buono” idea! (We’re pretty sure that means “very good” in Italian. Which is what she is.)


Meet Anja Rubik

You’d probably love to solve Anja Rubik’s cube! We actually have no idea what that even means. But we do have a lovely photo gallery of Anja.


Meet Barbara Palvin

This photo gallery of Hungarian-born model Barbara Palvin is going to leave you hungary for more! Okay, that was terrible. But you’ll like the pictures.


Meet Constance Jablonski

The name Constance Jablonski isn’t the most lyrical we’ve ever heard. But that doesn’t take anything away from these pictures of the well-known model.