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The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants
In The World

Enjoy a hearty meal on a toilet, in a cave, or at a restaurant where you won’t be forced to stare at the spinach wedged between your date’s teeth.

By ModernMan Editors

The 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World

Modern Toilet Restaurant | Hong Kong
Patrons pop a squat on stylish acrylic toilets and are served drinks, food, and ice-cream deserts in tiny commodes or urinals. The aroma, thankfully, doesn’t match the restroom’s, er, restaurant’s décor. Your olfactory nerves are hit with wafts of curry, pasta, chicken, and Mongolian hot pot instead of … well, don’t make us spell it out for you. It might be odd, but the gimmick has proven to be a, ahem, recipe for success and has enabled the franchise to expand into China and other parts of Asia since opening in 2004.