What Her Underwear Style Says About Her Style In Bed

She’s almost naked — congratulations! Before you go any further, take a cue from her underwear to figure out what she’s in the mood for that night.

By Erin Dawson

What Her Underwear Style Says About Her Style In Bed statement UnderwearStatement Underwear
If you unzipped her jeans to find a helpful message bannered across her ass, she’s either hoping you’ll laugh or begging for a spanking. (If you’re unsure, however, I suggest erring on the side of caution.)

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“This is her way of breaking the ice,” Baumgartner says. “First-time sex can be awkward, and she’s the type of person who uses humor to make things more relaxed.” So take her bait and say something witty about whatever the message is; in the case of the pair at the left, it could be as simple as, “That’s French for ‘Take these off immediately,’ right?” Witty (and naughty) banter clearly turns her on, so using it really will make her want to drop her panties.

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