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#6: Pink Slime Looks Gross, But Is Perfectly Edible

Beef industry people call it lean, finely textured beef. The rest of the world calls it pink slime — scraps of beef trimmings and fat that's whipped together and treated with ammonia. It looks and sounds pretty disgusting, but it's not unsafe to consume; in fact, it's probably a lot less bad for you than much of the processed food you routinely eat. Still, when ABC News reported last March that 70 percent of the ground beef sold in supermarkets contained pink slime, the fallout caused some food chains to quit buying it and many school lunch programs to stop using it.

#7: Steak Won't Make You Sick

Remember when everyone thought they'd get Mad Cow Disease if they so much as smelled a hamburger? Well, there's only been one reported incident of mad cow disease in the U.S. in the past six years. And while handling raw meat always brings with it the threat of food poisoning, it's easily preventable. “You can virtually eliminate risk by bringing the outside of the steak to a minimum of 165 degrees; that'll kill the bacteria,” Lucas explains. Fun fact: Assuming you haven't left the steak on your back porch for three days, harmful bacteria is found only on the outside of the meat, not the inside.

#8: Texas is the King of Cattle

In the U.S., Texas leads the herd in cattle production, with about 5 million head. Other top beef-producing states: Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and California.