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Why The NHL Will Kick The NBA’s Ass This Season

We like to make fun of Canada as much as anyone. Nevertheless, NHL hockey is going to be better than NBA basketball in 2010-11. Here’s why.

By Alexandra Foster

Cinderella Stories Are Possible
In last year’s NBA Finals, the Lakers once again took on the Celtizzzzzzzzz … oh! Sorry. We were up late re-watching last year’s NHL Eastern Conference Finals, where the No. 8 seed Montreal Canadiens battled tooth and nail with the No. 7 seed Philadelphia Flyers in one of the most improbable showdowns in league history. The mighty Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby? Bounced by Montreal. Alex Ovechkin and the No. 1-seeded Washington Capitals? Also gone. Hell, the Flyers were down to their fourth-string goalie at that point, a guy even lifelong Flyers fans knew only as “Who?” But grit, hard work, and clutch play sent the Flyers to the finals.