Top 10 Confusing Movie Endings Explained

10 Frustrating Movie Endings Explained skyline

#7. SKYLINE | Stream for $4 / Own for $8 @

The bizarre sci-fi thriller ends with the hero and love interest getting pulled into the alien ship, and the love interest forced to watch as the hero’s brain is sucked out of his head and placed into a surrogate alien body. But wait … his consciousness remains! He’s still the same old guy in a new alien body!

The movie then ends with a series of STILL IMAGES depicting their dramatic escape; that’s right, the movie actually ends with pictures of a better movie. (Yes, fine, it worked in The Hangover.) What does it all mean? Simple: They thought they’d finally be able to get to the juicy action stuff in a sequel. Silly Skyline, sequels are for good movies.