20 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men

not chivalrous

A website we never heard of called Millenial Lifestyle was kind enough to tell us a handful of things women can’t stand about guys. Some were obvious — if they aren’t obvious to you then your odds are getting laid are in the gutter. Anyway, just because they were obvious doesn’t mean they’re wrong. That being said, we still felt some could use some more explanation.

And then we got thinking about other things women hate about guys, and then we asked women what they hate about guys. Our list was a little different.  To keep you in the loop we mixed up our findings with Millenial Lifestyle’s to create what we think is a pretty solid list of things women truly hate …

#1. Guys Who Lack Manners

Millennial Lifestyle:

“It’s true that women today are more independent and self-sufficient than ever. But don’t underestimate the romance behind a little chivalry. Women still like to feel special. So open the car door for her, put your arm around her, walk her to the door. Make her feel safe and cared for. Ditching her to walk home late at night by herself so you can go home to bed or to meet the guys for a drink simply shows you don’t care.”

Our Take: 

The golden rule: don’t act like a jerk. If you think your actions may be misconstrued as “jerky,” they are. Rethink them.