20 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men

men who flirt

#19. Guys Who Incessantly Flirt

Millennial Lifestyle:

“This is easy boys – if you want a woman to like you than show her she’s the only one. Nothing will anger a woman more or make her feel insecure in a relationship than watching you check out other women wherever you go. So the next time you see a hot girl in the mall, avoid undressing her with your eyes and look the other way. Likewise, if you’re at a party or a bar do not EVER flirt with other women and NEVER EVER with her friends. A woman wants a guy who is into her – not into every single girl who wears a short shirt or tight top. Show some respect and you’ll get some back.”

Our Take: Flirting should come naturally. Don’t shoehorn it and turn her off by using some cheesy one-liner or being overtly sexual. Instead, ask her questions. Get her talking and if you get lost build of of the last thing she mentions.