20 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men


#7. When A Guys Is An Unmotivated Sloth

Millennial Lifestyle: 

You don’t have to be raking in millions of dollars to attract a lady. But here’s what you do have to have – ambition. Not having a plan for your future or any goals for the kind of career you want to have is a big turn off. No one wants to settle down with someone who only wants to sit home in their pajama bottoms playing Xbox or watching daytime game shows. So get yourself some aspiration. Women want an intelligent guy who wants to go somewhere in life.”

Our Take: Nobody’s suggesting you have to be on the level of a Gates or Trump, but you should be able to pick up a tab ever so often. If you can’t, revamp the resume and get your personal financials in order — you’ll gain confidence, whcih in turn can lead to attracting more women.