The 10 Worst Wizards Ever

Where's Waldo The 10 Worst Wizards Ever

9. Wizard Whitebeard | Where’s Waldo’s Equally Lost Pal
Waldo, everyone’s favorite member of the Witness Protection Program, delighted millions of readers with his ability to blend in with his surroundings. Even without a barber pole or giant candy cane in his vicinity, Waldo was still a bitch to find in any crowd. So why exactly did he need Wizard Whitebeard to send him off to far away, magical lands to hide? Seems like overkill when all it took was a carnival or football stadium.

Cookie Crisp Wizard The 10 Worst Wizards Ever

10. Cookie Jarvis | Cookie Crisp mascot
One would assume there are a few prerequisites to becoming a great wizard: discipline, focus, intelligence. But what good are they when you’re shilling prepubescents on sugary breakfast-dessert? This mincing wizard’s main power appears to be changing breakfast bowls — ones that actually could’ve held something halfway healthy — into cookie jars.