20 Things We Learned From Showgirls

what we learned from showgirlspo

It’s been 20 years since Elizabeth Berkley took the role as street-smart wannabe Vegas showgirl Nomi in Showgirls. The move was Berkley’s attempt to shed her images as clean-cut Jessie Spano from the kid-friendly Saved by the Bell franchise. In September 1995, the NC-17-rated skin flick with a loose plot and even looser acting and plausibility bombed in theaters. So, in one sense, her career move worked. Few remember Berkley solely as Jessie Spano, but also as the actress in one of the worst films in history.

And although it would rake in more than $100 million in home video rentals, Showgirls has consistently been considered one of the best-worst films ever made (Troll 2 and The Room are two more that fall into that category.)

Two decades later, Berkley has finally come to terms with what the film brings to the table. And while you’ll get an eyeful of boobs and butts and an earful of overacting, there are also valuable life lessons buried within the mounds of cheese. Such as …


1. It’s pronounced ver-sach-ee, not ver-sase.

2. Having sex in a pool in movies is infinitely better than having sex in a pool before or after watching a movie.

3. Sometimes after your passion is worse than having sex in a pool in real life.

4. Technology and dress codes fluctuate with the times, but gratuitous nudity always holds up.