Saved By The Bell Episodes: A GIF Guide To Season 1

Technically the first season of Saved by the Bell was Good Morning, Miss Bliss. But Good Morning, Miss Bliss was awful and only loosely connected to SBTB. There was no Slater, Kelly, Lisa, or Jesse. The theme song wasn’t nearly as catchy and had zero bizarre shapes that would likely be found on a Trapper Keeper. And Bayside High was in Indiana, not California. Everything about it was wrong.

Point is, screw Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Instead, we’re focusing on the show that taught us everything we needed to know about life. Okay, so “Time Outs” don’t work in reality (we’ve tried countless times), and nobody gains unlimited access to a local hangout unless they own it or have a photo of the owner in a compromising position with a feral cat. Still, as cheesy and corny as it was, we watched it back in the day, and admittedly still catch an episode from time to time on TBS. What, you don’t?

We added GIFs to help us demonstrate each episode recap. Since we’re too lazy to make our own, not all of them are from the first season.

saved by the bell episodes the sprain

Season 1: Saved by the Bell Episode 1: Dancing to the Max
Air date: Aug. 20, 1989
When Lisa Turtle’s date for the dance contest ditches her because she sprains her ankle — which seems like a perfectly acceptable reason to dump a dance partner — Screech Powers steps in.

Thankfully, Screech’s dance moves are as on point as his style. Despite heavy competition, “The Sprain” was too hot to handle … evidently.

Casey Kasem make an appearance, but sadly doesn’t have dialog as lively as this …