2011 Holiday Gift Guide

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

All guys love stuff. And the holidays are a great time to get what you want because you don’t have to pay for it as long as you ask Santa and/or bring enough pepper spray to the mall. So before making your wish list and tweeting it to the North Pole, check out our ultimate wish list of dozens of products you can wear, drive, watch, read, listen to, attack enemies with, or give to a special lady.

Cars & Electronics

Listen to music louder, watch movies on a bigger screen, and drive faster — much faster.

Movies, video games, music, and books — is there anything more important than the things you rely on to distract yourself from important things?

Gifts For Her

Avoid pulling a “You” again this year by getting her a gift she’ll love, use, wear, or drink booze with!

Your Home

Make your pad look better and live more like a human being with this collection of cool stuff for your home.

Outdoor Gear

Launch golf balls, ward off bears, and cook delicious meals in frozen wastelands with this season’s best outdoor gear.

Eating and Drinking

Eat, drink, and be extremely careful you don’t slice off your fingers with the extremely sharp kitchen knives in our food-and-booze gift guide.


Look less awful by taking better care of your face, hair, and skin with this grooming gear made especially for guys.


Crash holiday parties in style, get noticed on the golf course, and keep your toesies warm with these snazzy clothing options.


Women notice details, so differentiate yourself from other dudes with this stylish gear.