5 Rules Of Modern Dating Etiquette

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Dating nowadays is nothing like how dating was decades ago. Before, men pick up their dates in their homes. With flowers in their hands, they will even talk to the women’s parents promise them that they will take them back at the arranged time. 

Today, both would rather meet at an arranged place. Once both are there, they would decide what to do next on the fly. Most people find that kind of arrangement more convenient. Additionally, kisses on a first date were rare, but are now very common. And those are just a few of the changes in today’s dating culture. However, remember that together with the changes comes new and updated rules. For example, obvious signs the kiss meant something to him are very different now, compared to what they were before.

If you’re still in the dating stage of your relationship and you want to ensure that it will progress to the next stage, you must make sure that you don’t break these five rules of modern dating etiquette. 

1. Don’t Talk About Dating Profiles 

One of the primary tools in today’s modern dating is dating websites or dating apps. When you sign up on one, you’ll need to create a profile that may require you to upload a profile picture and submit personal information. Optionally, these apps and sites may also ask you to tell your hobbies and interests. And they may be the reason you and your date were able to meet each other.

However, when you’re already together, avoid talking about these apps and your partner’s dating profiles. It’s a can of worms you don’t want to open. If you aren’t aware, not all people are truthful when it comes to putting information on online profiles.

The things you have found out on your partner’s profile might be easy to discuss, but you can also step on a landmine. If you’re running out of topic to discuss, consider just asking your partner what you want to know or the things that make your partner interesting.

2. Never Ghost 

In modern dating, a lot of new dating words have been invented. Some examples are cuffed, which means you’re handcuffed to another person alone. Next is simping the friendzone, which means a man acts submissively towards a woman he likes even if that woman doesn’t reciprocate any feelings. Another new dating term that arises during the modern dating era is the term ‘ghosting.’

Ghosting means intentionally disappearing from someone’s life without any warning, message, text, or call. Some people usually do this when they don’t like the person they’re dating. But instead of being upfront with their feelings (to show respect), they just easily decide on disappearing into thin air without any word, which is downright cruel and disrespectful.

It can indeed be hard to be honest with your feelings, especially if it would hurt the other person. But being upfront and honest is way better as it shows respect, rather than leaving the other person wondering where’d you’ve gone and thinking what they could have done wrong. On the other hand, if a person ghosts you, respect yourself by moving on. Know that you deserve better than them, and they’re not worth the wait.

3. Be Authentic 

Dating is about finding someone with who you’re compatible. However, it can be hard to find yourself a match if you’re not honest about yourself during your dates. While it’s true that putting your guard up can protect you, putting too much guard on you can be a hindrance towards making progress in your relationship.

Being authentic is an unspoken rule that hasn’t changed much since then in dating. If you’re serious with your current dating partner, show off your true self with all your flaws and imperfections. After all, when you find the right person for you, they’ll accept you for who you truly are.

4. Check Your Baggage 

Having tons of emotional baggage is a major turn-off. And even if you don’t talk about it during a date, it will show. Dirty laundry smells after all.

Don’t date anyone while still trying to move on from their past relationship. If you’re still angry, sad, bitter, or grieving over your past relationship, then never sign up on any dates, even if you claim that it’s just for fun or your way to cope.

Deal with these emotional issues first and take your time to genuinely heal from the scars of the past. Go out with your friends, travel, focus on your career, or do some community work to keep your mind away from the idea of dating someone to help you heal. Invest in yourself, heal yourself alone, and nurture yourself until the time comes when you can finally say you’ve fully recovered and you’re ready to jump into dating again. 

5. Don’t Go On Secluded Areas On Your First Date 

When meeting someone for a first date, never agree on meeting them in an isolated area such as in the woods, in a secluded restaurant, or a faraway park with almost no people. Remember, first dates are about distinguishing someone, which means you don’t entirely know that person yet.

So, when choosing places for your first date, go to crowded areas like a café, a fancy restaurant, a movie theater, or a museum.

6. Be Respectful

One of the most important rules in modern dating is to be respectful. This means treating your date with kindness, courtesy, and compassion — even if things don’t work out between the two of you.

Respect can also mean being honest about your feelings and intentions from the very beginning so that everyone involved is on the same page. If it becomes clear that neither party is interested in continuing to date, be sure to part ways as amicably as possible by thanking them for their time.


Overall, dating and its rules have changed a lot over the years. But let these rules guide you to remain open-minded and authentic once you decide to dive into modern dating and relationships.