7 Tips (From a Cop) To Get Out of
a Speeding Ticket

Cops are people, and they have the same problems you have (except for RoboCop, who is a cyborg with far cyborg-y-er problems). So if you were speeding, just admit it and explain why. Saying that you were working late and wanted to get home quickly will go a lot further than lying. “I’ve heard everything: ‘I’m about to shit my pants.’ ‘I have to go to the hospital,'” Officer Jamie says. “I say, ‘You have to go to the hospital? I’ll give you an escort.’ Suddenly they don’t have to go to the hospital any more.” Being honest won’t guarantee you’ll be let off with a warning, but it helps. According to Officer Jamie, your fate depends on the cop. An older one is more likely to be lenient, whereas a younger one who hasn’t been around long is more likely to go by the book.

And if none of those things work …

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what to do when arrested