Better Abs in 30 Days Flat

circuit training exercises for better abdominal muscles

Circuit training exercises

Do each of these exercises until the point of exhaustion. Need a goal? Do the following six to nine times:

10 pull-ups: Mix your grip from time to time to keep the exercise fresh (palms facing you, facing away, palms facing each other, thumb-less grip, etc.)

15 pushups: Do standard push-ups, or do them on an inclined bench and clap between each. Again, mix it up.

15 squats: These should be body-weighted squats. No weighted bars or dumbbells are necessary. Mix these up with jumping lunges to vary your routine.

Surprised you’re not seeing any ab-specific exercises here? Don’t be. These are more about using the largest muscles of the body in order to get in shape and to keep your metabolism up throughout the day, which will help burn fat and improve your abs. You don’t have to spend a lot of time working out if you’re doing highly effective exercises.

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