Better Abs in 30 Days Flat

diet tips for better abs

Sample meal plan

If you’re going to put the effort into working out, you must eat better too, or it’s all for nothing. Here’s an example of a day’s worth of ab-friendly meals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon and agave, which is a natural sweetener that doesn’t make blood sugar spike. Sadly, you’re not allowed to sprinkle tequila on your oatmeal as an alternative.

Morning or post-workout snack: Whey protein shake with raw almond butter, cinnamon, 1/2-cup spinach, 1/3-cup oatmeal, and half of a banana. Alternatively, just grab a handful of raw cashews or almonds.

Lunch/dinner: Dark leafy greens (broccoli, spinach), veggies (pass on the potatoes) and some protein — don’t overeat protein though, since it’s hard for your body to process. Keep the serving to the size of your fist in diameter and as thick as a deck of cards.

Afternoon snack: Veggies and hummus or another handful of raw cashews or almonds

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