Foods That Are (Surprisingly) Full Of Sodium

Adding salt to meat keeps prolongs its shelf life. Read: You cold cuts contain lots of sodium. Paired with sliced bread you can just about reach your recommended sodium intake with one sandwich. If that’s your regular lunch selection, consider shaking it up by ordering a salad; leafy greens can help protect against cardiovascular disease. Add avocado to for added fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. You just need to be careful when it comes to salad dressing …

You probably know soy and Teriyaki sauces are high in sodium, but what about ketchup, mustard, and spaghetti sauce? Same goes for certain salad dressings. Two tablespoons of Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Italian dressing contains 440 mg of sodium. Look for “low-sodium” or “no salt added” varieties and watch your portions.

Most processed food will have a high sodium content, but turkey bacon, nukable breakfast sandwiches, and even some types of cereals contain more sodium that you’d think. Consider a lower sodium breakfast option, like Greek yogurt and fruit instead or unprocessed plain oatmeal.