Foods That Are (Surprisingly) Full Of Sodium

A serving of crab can contain up to one-third of your daily dose of sodium. Since crab has a bunch of other health benefits — it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B 12 — it’s fine to keep it in your diet. But you can’t go all Costanza on it.

Okay, you got us. Sports drinks aren’t food. But they can still give you more calories, sugar, and sodium than you need. If you’re exercising between one and three hours daily, then sports drinks can help regulate your electrolytes. Otherwise, stick to water, since a large bottle can contain about a quarter of your recommended intake, Grotto explains.

The Baja-style chicken quesadilla from Lean Cuisine comes with 690 mg of sodium. So despite the calories being low — 280 for the meal — it dominates roughly 30 percent of your sodium intake. But if you’re hooked on frozen dinners, at least check out this list of 100 frozen meals ranked by sodium content.

This may be the least surprising high-sodium food, but we thought you could use a reminder. It’s not uncommon for a can of chicken noodle soup to contain between 500 and 700 mg of sodium. (Campbell’s Homestyle Chicken Noodle, for example, has 940 mg.) So go with a low-sodium option. If it tastes bland, try some pepper. If that doesn’t work, sprinkle in your own salt. It’ll still be way less than what would have been in the full sodium version.

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