How To Get a Better Haircut From Your Barber

Get a Better Haircut From Your Barber barber vs salon

Now, what’s the difference between a high-end salon and barber shop (or even Supercuts)? “High-end salons will tend to give better haircuts,” said celebrity hairstylist Marco Pelusi, owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, CA. It also employs more stylists, who tend to focus on the latest trends, luxury treatment and customizing your cut and color to fit your face  — all for a price tag fit for John Edwards.

How about midrange men’s grooming salons? “There are some really great mid-range priced men’s grooming salons that do a good job,” says Pelusi. And many of them employ both stylists and barbers, who tend to focus on more traditional cuts as well as grooming (shaves, etc.). At $30-$40, a mid-range salon is a reliable place to start.

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Holding steady at “yes, we still exist” are barber shops, which have the reputation of giving a clean cut (aka the crew cut) and a classy shave to everyone. We’re talking $20-ish now. That said, barber shops have come a long way since your dad’s childhood; now you can get more variety at modernized shops like Floyd’s 99.

And just a notch down on the price chain is a cheap chain salon like Supercuts. “You can sometimes stumble upon a good hairstylist there, but it’s risky,” says Pelusi.