How To Get a Better Haircut From Your Barber

How To Get a Better Haircut From Your Barber speak his language

STEP 6: Speak The Man’s Language
Knowing common salon terms and using them correctly can really help your barber get the gist, such as:

Tapering or fading — to blend the sides and back. This technique is great for creating a more slender look to the face and neck. Best done on short hair.

Texturizing — to create that chopped, uneven, pseudo-rock star look. Great for very straight hair, or to thin out really thick hair.

Thinning — to reduce the bulk of very thick hair. This keeps your hair from looking too heavy or poufy.

Blending — to create a cut that has no harsh lines and a nice, neat look. Often done on the back and sides of the head with scissors over a comb. Great for short hair. Barbers tend to be good at this.

Cowlick — that spot in your hair that grows in a weird direction (like Alfalfa’s)