How To Win Rock – Paper – Scissors (Almost) Every Time

how to win at rock paper scissors almost every time

If you’re relying on rock – paper – scissors to decide something, the consequences for losing are no doubt extraordinarily severe: Riding bitch on a long road trip. Buying the next round. Being the one to tell your buddy that his girlfriend is a horrible person. Hell, back in 2006 a Florida judge even ordered two lawyers to settle a dispute with a game of RPS. (Seriously.)

Yet as simple as the rules may be — rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper — winning is usually pure luck. Thing is, it doesn’t have to be if you employ the correct strategy. Do it well, and you’ll always win rock – paper – scissors. Well, almost. In case you need to prepare an essay about the strategy of winning rock – paper – scissors for your school project, there are writing services that can assist you with that assignment. Alternatively, you can learn the tips we prepared below and write the paper yourself.

Strategies to win rock paper scissors

#1. Expect a beginner to start with rock

New Scientist magazine conducted a study in 2007 concluding that rock was most commonly played first. Why rock? We assume it’s because it’s a fist, which is undeniably more badass than an open-hand slap (paper) or angry pointing (scissors). So lead off with paper when playing anyone you think isn’t a student of the game.

#2. Start with scissors against an expert

Scissors can be a savvy first move when competing against a veteran. He may very well know rock is most common and so throw something else — quite likely paper. If you throw scissors, you win. If he throws scissors, you tie. In cases of a stalemate, throw the same thing the next round.

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#3. Read your opponent’s mind

After the average player ties or loses, he’s likely to subconsciously throw whatever would have beaten his last throw. So if he played paper and lost, expect scissors next. Your play: rock.

4. Play the odds

If someone tosses the same thing twice, don’t expect it again. If for example, your opponent threw rock twice in a row, your next play should be scissors — at best it wins if he plays paper, at worst it ties if he plays scissors.

5. When in doubt, throw paper

According to the World RPS Society, Scissors gets played only 29.6 percent of the time, not 33.3 percent like you might expect. So with rock being the most popular and scissors being the least popular, paper is your best bet if you have no idea what to throw based on the other tips.

6. The Psychology Behind Winning

Finally, there is also a psychological element at play in winning Rock-Paper-Scissors matches. You want to make sure that your opponent feels like they cannot win no matter what they pick—that means radiating an aura of confidence when making your moves!

Try not to give too much away with your reactions after each move; maintaining a poker face can help throw off your opponents as they won’t be able to tell if their moves are working or not. Additionally, try not to underestimate any opponent or take them lightly; even experienced players can be caught off guard sometimes!

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