7 Tips To Stay Regular (You Know What We Mean)

how to stay regular

Do you really need us to discuss why staying regular is a crucial element to your daily existence? If you’ve gone a few days without going, you definitely don’t. However, sometimes the pipes get clogged and you’re in need of a remedy. We’ve listed one (a natural one, too!), but also things you can do on a daily basis to make sure things keep flowing smoothly.

square water bottle#1. Stay Hydrated
To avoid constipation you need to stay hydrated. So drink up. No, not whiskey from your favorite flask. With water. Men should aim to drink anywhere between 80 to 120 or more ounces of water a day. Plus, dehydration has been shown to screw with your mood and decrease productivity. So you’ll feel shitty even if you can’t … well, you get where that’s going.

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sculpt and clenase#2. Monitor Meds
Some medications that, unfortunately, lead to constipation and hamper movements. Narcotics and painkillers such as codeine, morphine, and Oxycodone all fall on the list. If you’re pumping yourself full of them, screw not being about to go No. 2. You have an issue on our hands. Take care of that first.

However, even certain anti-depressants cause constipation and irregular bowel movements. And considering new studies show that one in 10 Americans are on antidepressants, if you’re not going, those meds may have to go (after you talk to a doc, of course).

Individuals taking any of these medications should supplement with products like Sculpt n’ Cleanse Colon Cleansing Formula ($40 for 175 capsules @ Amazon.com) to avoid constipation problems and maintain optimal colon health. It’s an all-natural supp that’s free of gluten and easy on the digestive system.


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