Is It Safe To Play Slots Online?

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Online slots are fun, exciting, and can win you real money. What’s not to like? However, it could be best to proceed with caution before starting down the road of this type of online gambling. There are a few questions you should be asking, like what are the risks to playing slots online? Is it safer if you don’t play with real money? What site or app is best to use? Let’s get the answers to all of these questions and more. This guide will tell you if it’s safe to play slots online or not.

How do online slots work?

Just like playing in a real casino, slots online require you to make a bet, spin the wheel (usually by pressing a virtual button), and watch them spin until they come to a stop. There will be a specific combination of symbols that signify a win, and that combo is called a payline. 

Unlike a brick and mortar casino, online casinos can offers thousands of slots and the number of lines on a machine can also be higher than a physical machine. You can play anytime of the day or night, and many of the slots you’ve seen in the casino are available online with even more versions to play. 

You can play for real money by depositing with a casino and getting casino credits, which can then be exchanged for cash. Or you can play for free with casinos that are just for fun. 

Winning real money with slots online

It’s definitely possible to win real money playing slots online. You just need the right strategies and know-how. One of the things you can do to safely play is join a sweepstakes casino like Funzpoints Casino. These involve real money but work slightly differently to other online casinos. 

You buy virtual coins and use them to play, and the casino gives you sweeps coins as a bonus. Those sweeps coins can then be exchanged for real cash prizes. Sweepstakes casinos are also good for players who live in states where online casinos are illegal. Because they are technically not real money casinos they are completely legal.

Playing smarter with online slots

You can also win big by playing jackpot slots online. Some of the biggest possible wins are available with this kind of slot. The amount available to win increases as more players play. 

Another way to increase your real money wins is to pay attention to the RTP or Return To Player number. It represents  how much a slot will pay out over a number of plays. So a virtual slot machine with a 98% RTP will pay out $98 over time if a player puts in 100 bets of $1. 

The RTP percentage should be at least 92%. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win that exact amount, so it’s still a game of chance. The RTP is calculated over thousands or even millions of spins. The RTP will be displayed on the game information page for most reputable online casinos, which brings us to our next point. 

Finding a safe online casino

As with anything online, the difficult part of getting started with playing slots is figuring out who’s legit and who isn’t. The online casino industry is one that can be dangerous with illegal sites popping up every day. You can put both your personal information and your financial information at risk if you enter your card details or banking info on these sites. They are also notorious for not paying you out your winnings or creating barriers to cashing out. 

So, the first step before you start playing is to find out if the casino is licensed or registered somewhere. If the online casino is international, look fo registration in countries like Britain and Malta. They have a strong history of casino regulation. 

Many US states have legalized online casinos so you can check if a casino is registered in your state. If the casino has a registered office somewhere it’s more than likely they are real and not just a site created to take your money. 

Check reviews and past customer comments on any site or app you want to play with. If there’s an independent site where reviews can be seen, then read them to check for red flags. If you find a lot of comments accusing the casino of fraud, it may be best to stay clear. 

Online slots and safety: The Bottom Line

When playing online slots, always remember to proceed with caution while having fun. Take care to gamble responsibly at all times. You should not bet more money than you can afford to lose. Whether you’re playing slots online or in person, this is always the safest way to gamble.