The Best Diet
Foods For Men

The Best Diet Foods For MenBLUEBERRIES
An entire cup of blueberries is only 83 calories — and those calories are well-spent. “Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and they’re high in fiber, so they make you feel full, which is important when you’re trying to lose weight,” Carey says. Studies have also linked blueberries (particularly blueberry juice) to enhanced memory and brain function. And no matter what you hear from Violet Beauregarde, eating too many won’t change the tint of your complexion. 

First off, it’s pronounced “keen-wah,” and it’s the only complete-protein grain. It’s also high in fiber and easy to make: Measure the water and quinoa according to the package instructions, and then boil. Fifteen minutes later, it’s ready to eat. “It can be eaten as a pilaf with salmon and spinach for dinner, or as a hot breakfast with dried cranberry, walnuts, and honey,” Carey recommends.