How To Tell if She’s Enjoying Your Date (According To Science)

how to have a great date

#3. She Keeps Preening
Does she keep fussing over her appearance? Don’t take it to mean she’s self-obsessed. She’s merely trying to look her best. According to psychologist Dr. Molly Barrow, she’s preening. Dr. Barrow is a relationship expert featured in magazines, radio, and television.

The Science of Natural Game elaborates on the common preens:

Straightening Clothing: She may smooth out her jacket, shirt, or pants. Apparel is an extension of ourselves. She may also be unconsciously trying to showcase her curves.
Adjusting Jewelry – Is she fiddling with her earrings, bracelet, or necklace? She’s flaunting her femininity.

Flicking Hair: Whipping or flicking hair is an attempt to flag attention.

Playing with Footwear: If she dangles her shoes or adjusts them, she’s comfortable with you.

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