How To Tell if She’s Enjoying Your Date (According To Science)

signs of a good first date, happy feet

#1. She Has “Happy Feet”
If she moves her feet apart and points them at you, you’re in. This was the finding of research by the University of Manchester that studied foot movement in social situations. Feet and legs send messages. They’re a subtle form of body-speak since they’re sent subconsciously. If a woman is disinterested, she’ll direct her feet toward an exit or away from you. She may also cross her legs or tuck them beneath her.

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#2. She’s Mimicking You
If your date likes you, she’ll mirror your actions. A study in The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior found that people replicate the behavior of those they favor. The term for this tendency is “interaction symmetry.” By aligning her mannerisms with yours, she’s conveying her attraction. She may also echo your words and phrases. If she’s copying your conduct, you’re faring well.



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