How To Tell if She’s Enjoying Your Date (According To Science)

how to have a great first date

#4. She’s Sharing Secrets
If she’s revealing private information, it’s a sign of trust. According to a study in Social Psychology Quarterly, divulging secrets shows vulnerability. It’s an invitation to closeness. Although she’s taking a risk, you’ve won her confidence. Disclosing personal stories is a clue she wants to connect with you.

#5. She’s Giving You The Eyes
No, not the “eff me” eyes. But if she’s trying to entice you you’ll notice her trying to reel you in with dilated pupils and purpose in her stare. If none of that makes sense to you, time to give up. You’re never getting laid.

If she’s got “sticky eyes,” she’s trying to entice you. When she keeps her eyes glued to you, she’s reeling you in. Are her pupils dilating? She may be falling in love with you! The Journal of Research in Personality cites a study where couples held unbroken gazes for two minutes. Immediately after, they professed deep love for each other. There’s a scientific reason for this. Sustained eye contact triggers the release of a brain chemical called phenylethylamine. Also known as PEA, this substance stimulates feelings of romantic love. Dilated eyes show your SweetPEA is sweet on you.